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Motor Options

  • Hard-wired
  • Wireless
  • Low Voltage
  • HighVoltage
  • Battery
  • Radio Control
  • 3rd Party Control
  • Stand Alone/Wall Switches


Control your environment with Motorized Shades, Motorized Blinds & Other Window Coverings.
Simple. Reliable. Versatile. Powerful. Adaptable

Imagine total control of your environment at the touch of a button. Imagine the power to create just the right light for any activity or mood and save energy while you do it. Solar Shading Systems offers a creative solution to manual window treatment operation; Motorization. It’s in demand. It’s affordable. It’s simple.

Simple – Power and control any treatment.

Reliable – Powerful heavy-duty motors use proven radio frequency control. Local room-by-room wall switches can be used to override automation controls. An extended warranty is standard.

Versatile –Window covering decisions can be made at any time – before, during, or years after move in.

Powerful – Lift or traverse virtually any size treatment without low voltage limitations on size and weight.

Adaptable – Need a woven wood or drapery instead of the shade planned or installed? Everything is in place to seamlessly make that change.

The benefits of motorization include:

Convenience:  A practical solution to avoid going around the entire house opening and closing blinds.  It can be done automatically and simultaneously.

Comfort: Provides temperature control and cuts the glare without losing the view.

A GREEN Alternative:  Reduced solar heat and cooling provides energy efficient solutions and helps save on energy costs.

Privacy:  Roller Shades have light filtering properties and can block out light entirely.

Reduced Wear & Tear:  Motorization is an easy way to adjust window coverings and shading, rather than tugging on heavy blinds with cords.

A Home Automation Solution:  Integrates with third party control systems.

Protection: Blocks  heat and damaging UV rays that can fade and harm valuable furnishings.

Luxury:  Provides mood enhancing effects in various settings for parties and entertaining, an impressive show during an event.

Safety:  Dangerous dangling cords and strings are eliminated using a wireless connection.

Security:  Programmable to make the house appear occupied at certain times of the day or night.

A Modern Look & Feel:  A clutter-free décor style, roller shades can easily disappear into hidden pockets in the ceiling when not in use.

Cutting Edge Technology:  Motorization is a great blend of aesthetics and technology.

Take Control - Today, many homeowners are seeking the convenience and benefits of home automation and integrating window treatments  is a breeze.

Motorized shades, motorized blinds and other window coverings are operated from commands sent by either remote controls or adjacent wall switches. Additionally, automated lighting or whole house control systems can be programmed to operate these treatments individually, in groups, or in custom settings with a Solar Shading Systems interface which integrates the systems.

Manufacturers include Control 4®Crestron®Lutron®AMX®Savant®Vantage®, LiteTouch®, as well as most other brands.

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